List of Publications

Written articles:

  • Winter 2022, Railroad Heritage Magazine
    Stockholm’s Colorful Cave Stations (Cover Story)
  • January 2020, Railfan & Railroad Magazine
    Rebirth of Detroit’s Elegant Gateway: Michigan Central Station, Part II
  • December 2019, Railfan & Railroad Magazine
    Detroit’s Elegant Gateway: Michigan Central Station, Part I (Cover Story)
  • April 2016, Railfan & Railroad Magazine
    Camera Bag: Digital Stitching and Panoramas
  • September 2015, Railfan & Railroad Magazine
    Camera Bag: High Dynamic Range Photography
  • April 2015, Railfan & Railroad Magazine
    Chornobyl’s Radioactive Railroad
  • January 2015, Railfan & Railroad Magazine
    Inside GE Fort Worth (Cover Story)
  • February 2014, Railfan & Railroad Magazine
    Commuter Life
  • January 2014, Railfan & Railroad Magazine
    Grand Central’s Holiday Lights
  • February 2013, Railfan & Railroad Magazine
    Grand Centennial (Cover Story)

Photography has appeared in: (not an exhaustive list):

  • February 2022, Darienite, How COVID-19, Working From Home and Train Fares Factor Into Metro-North Budgets and Ridership
  • Fall 2020, Railroad Heritage, Creativity & Covid
  • October 2019, Gwinnett Daily Post, Public meeting on proposed Atlanta-Charlotte high speed rail link set for Tuesday
  • March 2019, Highlands Current, Dutchess, MTA Revive Talk of Beacon Rail Trail
  • February 2019, The Times (UK), Three of the best American rail trips
  • April 2018, Metro-North Mileposts Newsletter
  • January 2018, New Jersey 1015, NY Penn Track Work…
  • November 2017, Newsday, LIRR Track Work…
  • April 2017, Daily Voice, Customer Satisfaction Makes Huge Strides On Metro-North
  • March 2017, Metro-North Mileposts Newsletter
  • November 2015, Metro-North Guide to Winter Weather Travel
  • November 2015, Metro-North Mileposts West Newsletter
  • September 2015, Metro-North Mileposts West Newsletter
  • August 2015, MTA Metro-North, For Safety’s Sake: Why We Sound Train Horns
  • May 2015, Metro-North Mileposts West Newsletter
  • January 2016, Metro Magazine, Metro-North implements Confidential Close Call Reporting System
  • November 2014, New York’s Underground Art Museum: MTA Arts and Design by Sandra Bloodworth
  • February 2014, Hudson Valley Magazine, 10 Coolest Renovated Train Stations
  • August 2013, Cat Fancy, Cool Cats: A Friendly Feline Face
  • August 2012, TIME, 7 Things You Didn’t Know about the Appalachian Trail

Interviews and appearances:

  • 2019, 15 Tips for Better Train and Railroad Photos, B&H Photo
  • 2019, Railphile podcast (not yet released)
  • April 2016, Center for Railroad Photography & Art, Lake Forest College, Presentation of work
  • September 2015, Meet the Blogger Who Documented Every Train Station in the Metro-North System, National Public Radio
  • July 2015, A Life on the Rails: The Dedication of Railroad Tourists, Atlas Obscura
  • 2014, Grand Central: An American Treasure, Speaker in documentary
  • December 2013, NY1 News
  • August 2012, Tiny Train Station Models the Past With the Tools of the Future, WIRED
  • September 2011, WPKN Radio
  • September 2011, Mad for Metro-North, a Rail Rider Is on a Mission, The New York Times